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Project Cargo refers to specialized freight works that are oversized, heavy-lift or dangerous. We take on the biggest, most awkward, remote and complicated work in the industry. We do it because it is difficult and we love using creativity and intelligence to solve complex project cargo logistics problems.

Take a look at how we create innovative solutions for multiple industries and how we personally attend factories, ports and warehouses to ensure the project cargo is loaded & received safely.

  • Container loading and unloading in company owned facilities
  • Packaging: Options for all modes of transport (air freight, sea freight, HGV, train, courier, combined transport)
  • In-house and modern manufacturing workshop, supply workers, tally-man…
  • Disassembly and reassembly of used machines and plants
  • Experienced packaging specialists in wooden cases, vacuum, crates…
  • Moving/ Installation which using heavy forklift, crane…

If you are experiencing unexpected supply chain issues or would like assistance, we are here to help. Our networks are committed to finding solutions and providing services where and when you need it most.

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