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Tư vấn dịch vụ logistics

Tâm Việt Hùng provides exceptional service to any and all types of importers in a wide variety of industries. Our Customs clearance services will work with you to expedite the customs clearance of your shipment, while at the same time ensuring adherence to all customs compliance and government regulations.

In order to provide PREMIUM services to our clients, Tâm Việt Hùng offers the following expertise and services:

  • Clearances for all modes of transport: AIR, OCEAN, TRUCK, RAIL, COURIER/ Inspection
  • Preparation of customs documentation, Certificate of Origin
  • Customs Bonded in/out for Bonded Warehouse, CFS warehouse
  • Trade compliance consulting
  • Customs Transition at Ports/ Borders
  • Import/ Export permission
  • We had over 15 years experiences in this service for many customers in Customs House in Haiphong, Hanoi, Bacninh.. offices.

If you are experiencing unexpected supply chain issues or would like assistance, we are here to help. Our networks are committed to finding solutions and providing services where and when you need it most.

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